Biwako-rolls are made by pressing spirally wrapped high-function non-woven material together and machining to spec.


Heat resistance, wear resistance
Material Application Temperature range Abrasion property *
PBO Heat and wear resistance to 400 °C 0.14
Para-aramid Heat and wear resistance to 250 °C 0.12
Meta-aramid Heat and wear resistance to 250 °C 0.67

*Abrasion property measurements were recorded using Acron wear tests

High heat resistance
BIWAKO rolls can be used as substitutes for asbestos rolls.
High wear resistance
BIWAKO rolls can be used as guide rolls when the edge of the steel plates contact and damage the roll.
High coefficient of friction
BIWAKO rolls can be used as CPC rolls to stop slippage.


Heat resistant applications

Furnace rolls for APL (Substitute for asbestos rolls).
Support rolls to stop the steel plate from flipping inside pre-heating equipment.
Support rolls for cooling area of continuous annealing line.
Support roll for the top roll at entrance side for bright annealing line.
Guide rolls are set at the entrance side of bright annealing furnace.
These rolls are difficult to change as the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere is high and they are set at a high place, so our high temperature, high wear resistant rolls are used.
Continuous annealing line entrance side catenary support rolls.

Applications for high wear resistant purposes

To stop flipping
Example of use: Tail catching roll at hot strip finishing mill.
To stop slippage
Example of use: CPC roll (replacement of steel roll).
To stop distortion
Example of use: Guide rolls, support rolls inside heat treat furnace.

Roll applications

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