66D non-tex roll is a non-tex fabric stacked in layers, pressed and mounted on a shaft.
Different material and composition enables us to design rolls that meet various applications.


High coefficient of friction.  Prevents slippage.
Suitable for damming and squeegeeing oil and water.*
We sell simple equipment to measure residual fluid membrane thickness.
>> What is an optical fluid membrane thickness gauge >>
High resistance to damage.  High resiliency, high abrasion resistance.
Cuts, tears on rolls, will not be shown on your products.
Depending on the non-woven material/composition,
66D rolls can be used for oil, water and other solutions.  Variety of hardness available.
*Please click here for absorbtion/expellant effect of non-woven material.


Antislip, squeegee rolls, oiling rolls, control rolls.
For metal treatment lines (steel, special steel, aluminium, copper & alloy)
Wringer rolls for oil, water, solutions.
Oiling rolls.
Control rolls (tension, pinch, feed, table, guide rolls).
For car body production lines
Wringer rolls (oil).
Pinch/feed rolls.
For film and fabric treatment lines
Tension, pinch, feed, table, guide rolls.
66D Non-tex roll manufacturing image

Material and characteristics

Material Applications Characteristics
OW-90H Wringer roll Oil proof, high abrasion resistance
PC-67 Wringer roll, oilling roll Oil proof,
great squeegee performance from beginning of use.
PC-97 Wringer roll High abrasion resistance, oil/water/weak-base solution
OR-210 Oiling roll Can hold oil
CR-83 Control roll High pressure and abrasion resistance
CR-87 Control roll Acid/solvent resistance
OHP-74 Wringer roll Acid/Alkali resistance
OHN-74 Wringer roll Alkali resistance

*Wringer = Squeegee

Contact us for more information.  We can select an appropriate non-woven material for your application.

Production capability

Production capability
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